Simple Facts About Turf Products:

Carolina Turf Products "Healthy Turf" program uses our tailored, proprietary problem-solving method. Each customer's turf needs are analyzed and tailored solutions created. With our comprehensive method we deliver lasting results. CTP's "Healthy Turf" program includes soil, water, nutrients, plant biostimulants, disease prevention, environmental, regional weather concerns, and other key factors in delivering lasting healthy turf.

Since 1989, we are committed to "great turf." Each customer has different needs and we tailor specific solutions for you. Great turf from tailored solutions, each customer, every time. Our promise to you.

Vance Whicker
CEO, Carolina Turf Products

Our Product Partners:

Age Old Organics: Organic Turf, Lawn & Garden Fertility (IL) Over 25 years producing finest quality organic materials nature has to offer. Technical Product Information
AgSource Harris Laboratories: Soil, Water and Plant Tissue Testing (NE) Leader in Soil, Tissue, Water Specialized Testing Labs. Technical Product Information
Carolina Turf Products - Custom: Custom Nutrient Products & Tailored Solutions (NC) Custom blended liquid & granular nutrients, biostimulants, soil amendments, solubles, and other tailored "Healthy Turf" products. Technical Product Information
Ceres Turf, Inc: Leader in Tines and Bedknives for the Turf Industry (NC) Aerification: Solid, coring, side-eject quad, deep tines, and bedknives for all aerification equipment. Guaranteed performance. Technical Product Information
Chemical Dynamics: Custom Micronutrients & Foliar Fertility Products (FL) Producer of liquid foliar and soil amendment products. Technical Product Information
ConVault: Vaulted Fuel Tanks. The Premier Self-Contained Protected Fuel Tank (CA) Dual Vaulted (gas/diesel) tanks and single unit tanks meeting ALL State/County fire codes (golf, government, aviation, etc.) Technical Product Information
Custom Agronomics: Custom Nutrient Products Specialist (FL) Specializing in liquid nutrient blends with: Amino acids, Seaweed extracts, Phosphites, Molasses, Silicas and more. Technical Product Information
Greenleaf Technologies: World's Most Tech. Advanced Spray Nozzles (LA) Superior Air-inducted, low-drift nozzles. Single & twin tips. Best-in-class nozzles for achieving quality applications & product dispensing consistency. Technical Product Information
GreensGroomer: #1 Grooming Brush in the Industry (IN) Automatic lift, pull-behind brush unit for top-dressing and brushing golf greens, fairways, and sports turf. LitterKat Vacuum Unit & Magnet System for Golf, Sports Fields, Synthetic Turf. Technical Product Information
Greensweep Fans: Quiet, Affordable, Efficient (NC) Quiet, super efficient, 30" fan with belt-driven motors. Air flow of 2.8 mph at 125 feet distance away. Also 30" and 40" portable fans. Outstanding and long-lasting structures since 1998.
Netting: Netting Manufacturer Specialist (WA) Netting of all types for: driving ranges, hitting cages, Audubon bird santuaries, landfills, barriers, sports fields, etc. Complete turn-key installation service available from Carolina Turf Products. Technical Product Information
Seaborn Flags: Finest Embroidered Flags Available (CA) Specializing in high quality, long lasting embroidered golf flags. Also: U.S., states (all sizes), clubhouse, and banners.
The Sanctuary: Organic Granular Fertilizers (CO) Our industry's specialist in Premier Quality Greens & Fairway Grade Organic Granular Fertilizers. Technical Product Information
Tournament Turf Labs: Dr. David York, Lab Analysis, Soil/Tissue Test (PA) Personalized service with expert soil, water, and tissue testing and analysis. Dr. York is the leader in infra-red method tissue testing. Technical Product Information
Underhill International: Irrigation Products (CA) Quality irrigation, hoses, nozzles & related products. Technical Product Information
United Phosphorous:
Next-Gen Technology and Post-Patent Chemistry (GA) Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and aquaticides. New post-patent technology, research tested and proven exceptional quality. Technical Product Information

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